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Digital Display Instrument
Product Name:CH6 Displacement Display Instrument
Product Summary:

Universal input, electromagnetic compatibility, wide power supply, strong adaptability.

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Product use:
Can be connected with the displacement sensor, display the corresponding displacement data. Widely used in food, chemical, metallurgy, iron and steel, refrigeration and other industries in the measurement and control. Challenge more restrictions on the application environment, feel more convenient.
Product features:
Universal input: voltage, current, thermal resistance, thermocouple jumperless universal input, simple and flexible;
Electromagnetic compatibility: EMC class III, strong anti-interference ability, adapt to a variety of complex scene;
The wide power supply design: switching power supply with high efficiency and wide voltage;
Adaptability: temperature and humidity to adapt to a wide range of small drift.

Product parameters:

Power Supply:100V AC~240V AC, Power consumption less than 4W; 10VDC~36VDC, Power consumption less than 6W;

Work Environment:0℃~50℃, the humidity is lower than 90%R.H, no dew;

Display Range:-1999~9999, decimal point can be set;

Input Signal Type:Universal input, can be set by parameter selection;

                            The basic error is less than 0.5%FS;

                             Measurement control cycle 0.2 seconds.


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