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Digital Display Instrument
Product Name:Displacement Display Instrument
Product Summary:

XST displacement display instrument, LED precision display, display the number of optional, any point to zero, the upper and lower limit control alarm.

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XST displacement sensor, analog display instrument and various transmitter output with the complete temperature pressure flow level and composition of the force and displacement and other physical measurements, transformation, transmission, display, record and control.

The error is less than 0.2%F.S, and it has the function of adjusting and digital filtering, which can help to reduce the error of sensor and transmitter, and improve the accuracy of measurement and control.

Applicable to voltage and current, thermal resistance, thermocouple, mV, potentiometer, remote pressure gauge and other signal types

Up to 8 alarm output, you can choose the 10 alarm mode, alarm sensitivity independent settings. Delay alarm function, effectively prevent interference and other causes of false positives

The output of the transmission can be used to output the measured and converted display value to the other devices in the form of standard current and voltage.

Full transparent, high speed, high efficient network communication interface, to achieve complete data transfer between computer and instrument and control. The unique control transfer function enables the computer to directly control the alarm output and the output of the instrument. The time to read the measurement data is less than 10ms to provide test software, configuration software and application software

BCD code interface

The utility model is provided with a printing interface and a printing unit with a hardware clock, and the utility model realizes the functions of manual, timing and alarm printing.

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