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Product Name:LVDT20-A-25mm
Product Summary:

Non friction measurement, unlimited mechanical life, high resolution, rugged, high sealing rating, ultra high precision. Current, voltage, RS485 and MODBUS output.

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Application areas: shaft diameter runout detection, textile machinery testing, valve position detection and control, roll gap measurement, vehicle brake wear, etc.

1.20mm diameter, 304 stainless steel shell, rebound type;
2.Built in precision linear bearing, good repeatability;
3.The probe is made of silicon nitride ceramic ball;
4.DC single power supply with built-in high performance signal demodulator;
5.Second line 4-20mA current output, three wire voltage output 0-10V

Differential transformer displacement sensor (LVDT) is widely used in aerospace, machinery, construction, textile, railway, coal, metallurgy, plastics, chemicals and research institutions and other national economy

All walks of life, used to measure elongation, vibration, object thickness, expansion and other high-tech products.

The pen type displacement sensor has excellent performance and is suitable for the measurement of high precision and high repeatability in the quality control and measurement applications. The probe is made of silicon nitride ceramics with high hardness and wear resistance,

The precision of the moving part of the shaft is measured. The pen type displacement sensor is matched with the transmitter to output the standard DC signal, and the external transmitter is supplied by the 12-24V DC, and the electronic circuit is sealed at 304

Stainless steel pipe, you can work in harsh environments such as humidity and dust, the output signal for the standard can be used by computer or PLC 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, RS485 output.



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