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Prestressed Jack
Product Name:Application of KPM22 articulated displacement sensor in the field of prestressed jack
Product Summary:

Tube diameter 22mm. KPM displacement sensor is equipped with two fisheye gimbal, installed on the requirements, position detection for swing stroke. It is also widely used in prestressed Jack industry.

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KPM22 micro displacement sensor is hinged with the shell surface anodized, anti corrosion; built-in carbon film board measuring unit, no temperature drift, long life. Effective distance: 10mm-300mm; seal level is IP67, a direct line and five core plug and socket output two options, can be applied in most common situations, especially suitable for small installation space, the body can not be fixed, movement of swinging occasions, without the need for; allow limit speed: vertical installation of 5m/s. 2m/s for horizontal installation.

Applications: KPM22 is a twisted type, joint at the 2 ends. Suitable for short range and swinging moments, such like: robots, brick machines, ceramic machines, sluice gate, footwear machines and so on.     

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