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Automobile Accelerator Pedal
Product Name:Application of LVDT sensor in automobile accelerator pedal industry
Product Summary:

LVDT is mainly used in the shaft diameter detection, textile machinery testing, valve position detection and control.

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Accelerator pedal position sensor

Electronic accelerator pedal, through the driver's desire to understand the engine load conditions. Most of the electronically controlled diesel engines have been installed with the accelerator pedal position sensor, which is intended to give the driver's intent to ECU. The common form of double potentiometer, redundant double potentiometer, Holzer effect, with idle contact single potentiometer, in addition, the letter for the science and technology has developed a new accelerator pedal position sensor -LVDT type accelerator pedal position sensor, which is characterized by no friction measurement, zero repeatability, ultra high resolution for the complicated environment, strong and durable.

The traditional pedal position sensor has the following

1, double potentiometer pedal position sensor, the sensor is widely used in diesel engine, its principle is dividing circuit principle.

2, with redundant double potentiometer pedal position sensor

3, Holzer accelerator pedal position sensor

4, single and idle switch potentiometer type accelerator pedal position sensor

5, LVDT displacement sensor accelerator pedal position sensor, differential transformer throttle angle sensor, non-contact detection throttle rotation angle, detection element without wear, good reliability.

LVDT displacement sensor can be directly used for measuring the relative displacement between objects, and parts of the object length change of geometry monitoring; measurement of various models, specimen and rock deformation, mixing the impact of clay, metal or nonmetal material component under power or temperature changes during deformation (displacement) and measurement of various materials due to the passage of time (creep) for displacement detection of electric and hydraulic servo system; also can be measured in advance to be converted into various physical quantities such as pressure, displacement, stress, tension, level changes etc..

It not only can measure the static displacement can also measure dynamic displacement, displacement meter can output standard voltage, current or frequency signal, to facilitate the realization of cable telemetry, automatic control, digital display, easy to interface with microcomputer control and data acquisition and processing and a series of features, can meet the needs of modern scientific research, industrial and agricultural production and national defense construction the displacement precision measurement and automatic control.

LVDT differential displacement sensor detects the separation of iron core and sensor body. The sensor body is a hollow cylinder, the core diameter is less than the inner diameter of the cylinder, the hollow part of the iron core is inserted into the cylinder, as long as the core sensor and relative displacement sensor can induce displacement of iron core. As the core and the sensor without sliding contact, no contact, no friction, long life, high frequency response.

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