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Bridge Detection
Product Name:Application of LVDT sensor in bridge detection
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Application: daily monitoring and maintenance of roads, bridges and large buildings

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With the large-scale expansion of infrastructure construction such as roads, bridges and large buildings in China, the intelligent detection and early warning of the Internet of things based on the concept of security is in the ascendant. In recent years, things have been in the automatic monitoring equipment around the main road, bridge and building large-scale layout, the monitoring center has been put into application, a large number of real-time data and image information collection, for daily monitoring of roads and bridges and large construction and maintenance provides strong support. Networking automatic detection equipment may include: temperature sensor, speed sensor, displacement sensor, pressure sensor, inclinometer sensor, vibration sensor and other types of large, centralized processing of roads, bridges and buildings, large deflection structure temperature, earthquake, impact, vibration and other aspects of the data of health monitoring for diagnosis target. When the monitoring target is abnormal, the staff can take reasonable and effective measures to ensure the safety of the monitoring target.

The commonly used displacement sensor is LVDT differential transformer displacement sensor. LVDT differential displacement sensor has the advantages of simple structure, high resolution, good stability and long service life. The electronic circuit components of the sensor are sealed in the 304 stainless steel metal tube, and the protection grade is high. The utility model can be used for long-term and stable work in the harsh environment of moisture, dust, vibration, high temperature and low radiation. The sensor uses the convenient single power supply 12-24V DC power supply, the output can be used by PLC or computer current and voltage analog signal, RS485 digital signal, Start-Stop digital signal, etc.. Miran LVDT differential displacement sensor models are diverse, widely used in the Internet of things automatic detection equipment.

In the IOT data transmission, in addition there is exception, often with the wireless transmission signal acquisition center instead of cable transmission, which can greatly reduce the cost of laying things detection system, there will be the opportunity of networking detection scheme is applied to more roads, bridges and large buildings in inspection and maintenance.

With the vigorous development of China's infrastructure, roads, bridges and large buildings more and more, there are also many infrastructure gradually entered the maintenance phase, the application of the Internet of things will be more and more extensive and popular. At the same time, LVDT will usher in a large outbreak of market applications in this area.

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