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Product Name:Application of LVDT sensor in bridge detection
Product Summary:

Differential transformer displacement sensor (LVDT) can be widely used in crack measurement and monitoring, bridge measurement and monitoring, aerospace, machinery, construction, textile, railway, coal, metallurgy, plastics, chemical industry and scientific research institutions and other industries in the national economy, High-tech products for measuring elongation, vibration, thickness of objects, expansion, etc.

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2. Performance characteristics of LVDT8 pen displacement sensor:
1. Pencil-shaped rebound displacement sensor with an outer diameter of Φ8mm,
2. The probe is a silicon nitride ceramic ball with good wear resistance.
3. The measurement range is from 0-10MM, with high resolution and good repeatability.
4. No sliding contacts, long service life,
5. AC signal power supply, external high-performance signal demodulator,
6. Two-wire 4-20mA current output, three-wire 0-5V or 0-10V voltage output,
7. It does not have a circuit demodulator inside itself, that is, a transmitter. There are two types of external transmitters: direct access to cable and connection through aviation plug. Through the external transmitter, the pen-type LVDT displacement sensor can output analog or 485 digital signals.



signal output 

0~5V, 0~10V,4~20mA,RS485


≤0.1um, 数字式输出是16bit

Linearity error


repetition error


Power Supply 

+12~30V DC

Working current

Voltage output , current <10mA

two wires 4~20mA current output,

 current 4~25mA

RS485 outpur,  current 15~40mA

Dynamic characteristics


shock resistant


Vibration tolerance


Excitation voltage


Excitation frequency


Temperature Coefficient




Working temperature


五.  LVDT8 pen displacement sensor installation dimension drawing:六. LVDT8 pen displacement sensor wiring definition:

The output voltage value of the DC regulated power supply must be within the specified range of use
1. Current signal output Cable color definition:
  Brown---- power supply (+) current input (+)
  Blue---- power supply (-) current output (-)
2. Voltage signal output Cable color definition:
  Brown---- power supply (+)
  Blue---- Voltage output (+)
  Black---- power supply (-) signal output (-)
3. Digital RS-485 signal output Cable color definition:
  Brown---Power supply (+)
  Black---Power supply (-)
  Blue---Signal A
  White---Signal B
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