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Steam Turbine and Gas Turbine
Product Name:Application of LVDT differential displacement sensor in steam turbine and gas turbine
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Application of LVDT differential displacement sensor in steam turbine and gas turbine

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The typical application of LVDT differential displacement sensor in steam turbine and gas turbine is preset and feedback of various control valves.

The steam turbine and the gas turbine contain a variety of control valves, such as regulating the flow of air or stopping the flow of air. The precise monitoring and control of the flow of air from the control valve allows the turbine to operate efficiently while minimizing energy waste. Brake control valve will move, and the valve position feedback device information back to the control system of a gas turbine, and the degree of opening of the valve opening and closing state specified in the.

The axial displacement of the steam turbine and the gas turbine, the expansion displacement of the cylinder and the casing can help the user decide whether the thermal expansion difference of the machine exceeds the warning value. This is an important parameter, which ensures that the housing and the rotor expand at almost the same rate. The internal friction between the rotating parts and the stationary parts of the machine is avoided due to the different thermal expansion rate. The gas turbine or steam turbine startup warm-up time is too short, speed too fast, load up too fast, the sliding pin system and bearing system of poor lubrication, unit startup parameters of pressure and temperature is too high, the cylinder insulation layer insulation effect and poor rotor speed and displacement and so on can lead to changes in the axial displacement of steam turbine or gas turbine expansion may lead to serious damage or even failure unit.

LVDT sensor is a simple device consisting of several coils and a ferrous core wire, the sensor body is a hollow cylinder, the core diameter is less than the inner diameter of the cylinder, the hollow part of the iron core is inserted into the cylinder, as long as the core sensor and relative displacement sensor can induce displacement of iron core. As the core and the sensor without sliding contact, no contact, no friction, long life, high frequency response, high strength can withstand shock and vibration in a variety of harsh environment, can work normally for a long time. Laser can not play the role of dust and dirt, and capacitance and eddy current sensor can not measure the long stroke. Potentiometer, displacement sensor and pull rope type displacement sensor can not meet the requirements of temperature, vibration and essential safety. The electric power industry has applied the LVDT differential displacement technology in the industry.

In addition to the power industry, LVDT differential displacement sensor is widely used in aerospace, machinery, textile, construction, railway, coal, metallurgy, plastics, chemical industry and scientific research institutions such as the national economy, is used to measure the thickness of the object, elongation, vibration, expansion.

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