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Lubricating Pump
Product Name:MIRAN MRG-3232(3L) Grease and Thin Oil Pump Series
Product Summary:

It has the advantages of novel design, convenient operation, stable and reliable, high quality material and advanced production and processing technology.

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Electric lubrication pump is also called automatic oil lubrication pump to intermittent, the whole series of novel design, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, stable and reliable, all using high-quality materials and advanced production and processing technology, and ISO quality system in production. In order to enable customers to easily carry out the mailbox drainage, ad hoc drainage, regular drainage.

 There are a total of 18 varieties of oil, including gear oil lubrication pump, grease lubrication pump and plunger oil pump. According to the lubrication system, can be divided into single line damping (also known as resistance type, SLR) and volume type (PDI) two. Among them, the 1 liter volume is only suitable for the plunger type oil pump, the 3 liter and the 5 liter are suitable for the thin oil lubrication pump and the thin oil and the oil dual-purpose pump. At the same time, according to the different control mode, is divided into semi-automatic (A) and automatic (L) two.

 A is characterized by: by the host or special controller to control the intermittent time and fuel supply time, with a liquid level alarm beep, there are normally closed point, common point, normally open point (NC, COM, NO) output, the bottom of the drainage port. Suitable for all kinds of lubrication system.

 The characteristics of L type is by its own computer control interval time (up to 999 minutes) and oil time (up to 200 seconds), delivery time and interval time setting, automatic storage by the touch button, dynamic display remaining time of the current action time, high precision, good intuitive. The oil pump motor is driven by a contactless thyristor, which can ensure the long running of the system, and has the functions of manual oil supply, oil shortage alarm, overload alarm, automatic overflow and automatic stop protection. There are normally closed points, common points, normally open points (NC, COM, NO) output, the bottom of the drainage port. Suitable for all kinds of lubrication system.

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