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Ultrasonic Sensor
Product Name:Mini Ultrasonic Displacement Sensor
Product Summary:

Ultrasonic displacement sensor is a kind of mechanical wave whose vibration frequency is higher than that of sound wave. It is a sensor developed by using the characteristics of ultrasonic waves when the transducer chip vibrates under voltage excitation. Miniature ultrasonic displacement sensors have the characteristics of high frequency, short wavelength, and small diffraction phenomenon, especially good directivity, and can become ray and directional propagation. Ultrasonic distance measurement generally uses Time of Flight (TOF). The distance from the sensor to the obstacle is S = vt / 2. Measured according to the time-of-flight principle between ultrasonic transmission and reception, using sound wave media to perform non-contact and non-wear detection on the object to be inspected. For transparent or colored objects, metal or non-metal objects, solid, liquid, powdery materials Can detect. The detection performance of the miniature ultrasonic displacement sensor is not affected by the color, material and transparency of the workpiece, including smoke and dust environment and rainy weather. Can be widely used in level (liquid level) monitoring, robot anti-collision, various ultrasonic proximity switches, and anti-theft alarm and other related fields, reliable work, easy installation, waterproof type, small launch angle, high sensitivity, convenient and industrial The meter connection is displayed.

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Miniature ultrasonic displacement sensors have the characteristics of high frequency, short wavelength, small diffraction phenomenon, good directivity, and can be directional propagation of rays.

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