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Water-proof Linear Wire Potentiometer
Product Name:SM-M Draw Wire Potentiometer
Product Summary:

SM-M type cable displacement sensor has a large selection space, and the output signals include current, voltage, pulse and 485 digital signals.

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SM-M type pull rope displacement sensor, also known as pull rope encoder, pull rope ruler, pull ruler, pull wire encoder, pull wire displacement sensor, is a sophisticated integration of linear displacement sensor in structure, fully combining angle sensor and linear displacement The advantages of the sensor make it an excellent sensor with compact structure, long measurement stroke, small installation space size and high-precision measurement. SM type pull rope displacement sensor has a large selection space, the stroke ranges from 200mm to 20000mm, with analog current signal mA: 4-20mA, analog voltage signal V1: 0-5V, V2: 0-10V, pulse signal P: A, B, Z phase digital output, digital signal RS485. Meet the needs of large-stroke, high-precision signals.

三, SM-M pull rope displacement sensor output selection:
Resistance output type (potentiometer): 5kΩ, 10KΩ,
Voltage output type: V1: 0-5V, V2: 0-10V,
Current output type: 4-20MA (two-wire system, three-wire system),
Pulse output type: P: A B Z phase,
Digital signal (external / built-in): RS485,
四, SM-M type rope displacement sensor installation dimensions:
五, SM-M pull rope displacement sensor installation precautions:
1. Utilize 4 fixing screw holes at the bottom, according to the needs of the site and the installation space of the machine, directly install or add protection or other mechanical use.
2. When installing the stainless steel cable, pay attention to the horizontal angle, that is, try to make the cable from the wire outlet to the mechanism of the moving part, and slide horizontally during work.
3. Keep a small angle (allowable deviation +/- 3 °) to ensure the measurement accuracy and the life of the cable.
The body of the wire rope is stainless steel with a fluorine coating. Do not allow it to be cut, burned, or impacted by external forces. Excessive dust, debris, or items that can damage the wire rope are stored in the pulley. Or the outlet will cause the cable to break, resulting in malfunction.
4. Do not pull out the steel cable by hand or other products before it is installed on the workbench or fixed seat. This will cause the steel cable to break, damaging the body structure and personal safety.
5. The instantaneous acceleration of the reciprocating motion of SM-S and SM-M series products cannot exceed 1 m / s; the instantaneous acceleration of the reciprocating motion of SM-L and SM-LP series products cannot exceed 0.5 m / s; this will cause The cable is broken, and the company does not assume responsibility outside this range.
6. If it is used in a non-linear motion mechanism, please install an appropriate pulley for operation.
7. If it is used in harsh environment or special occasions, please install protection mechanism by yourself.
Application fields of SM-M type rope displacement sensor;
Storage location positioning, reservoir dam protection, gate opening control, pressure machinery, paper machinery, textile machinery, sheet metal machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, level controllers, construction machinery, industrial robots, injection machines, woodworking machinery, elevators , Air compressor / hydraulic machine, height machine, XY axis and other length displacement, liquid level and other related size measurement and position control.
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