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Product Name:LVDTC20 Linear position sensor
Product Summary:
LVDTC20is a variable-reluctance device, widely used in machine tools position,hydraulic cylinder position,cement industry,aerospace, machinery, building, textile, railway, coal, metallurgy, plastics, chemical industry and scientific research institutions, structural movement in bridges,valve position detection and control,tunnels protection,etc., used to measure the elongation, vibration, the thickness of the object, inflation and other high-tech products.
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DC an LVDTC20 has excellent performance, with convenient single-supply 12 -- 30 v DC power supply, electronic circuit in 304 stainless steel metal tube sealing, can be in damp and dust zhonggong for harsh environment, such as the output signal to a standard can be computer or PLC use 0-10 v or 4-20 ma output.
Built-in precision linear bearing with perfect repeatability
Probe is a silicon nitride ceramic ball with great wearability
DC power supply, built-in high-performance signal demodulator
ParameterLVDTC20 Rod Type
Outer DiameterΦ20mm
MaterialStainless Steel 304
Stroke (mm)51020254050100
 Stroke A (mm) (Current and RS485 Output)185185225245295295395
 Stroke A (mm)(Voltage Output)185185225245295295395
Stroke B (mm)101525304555105
Rod length exposed free state C(mm)203025304555105
Output0-5V,0-10V with 3 wires,4-20mA with 2 wires,0-20mA,RS485
Linearity Error≤0.05% Full Stroke
 Resolution≤0.001 mm
Repeatability Error≤10 um
Working Temperature-25℃~+85℃
Sensitivity≤0.025% /℃
Power Supply12-30VDC
Working CurrentVoltage Output LVDT: ≤12mA                                   4-20mA Output LVDT:4-20mA
Note: Stroke 5mm is with dustproof pipe
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