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Fixed Inclinometer
Product Name:Fixed Inclinometer
Product Summary:

The fixed inclinometer/intelligent inclinometer is a fixed inclinometer developed by our company based on the high-precision six-axis sensor combined with the single-chip embedded system

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1. Principle and overview of fixed inclinometer sensor/intelligent inclinometer
      The fixed inclinometer is a fixed inclinometer developed by our company based on a high-precision six-axis sensor combined with a single-chip embedded system. The intelligent fixed inclinometer is used in conjunction with the PVC inclinometer. It is used to observe the relatively horizontal biaxial inclination angle of slopes, foundation pits, railways, etc., and it is also suitable for long-term monitoring of landslide geological activities in conjunction with automatic real-time monitoring systems. The multi-level setting of the borehole can measure the inclination of each depth and convert the inclination to displacement, which is suitable for the deformation of hidden parts that are difficult to observe by conventional measurement methods.
     The internal part of the fixed inclinometer is composed of the electronic warehouse part (high-precision angle sensitive components and chipset), and external stainless steel components, pulley components, etc. The outside is led out by a four-core shielded wire. Usually the installation of a fixed inclinometer also requires the installation of accessories, such as inclinometer tubes, stainless steel wires, lifting rings, etc., which need to be configured reasonably according to the site conditions.

一. Product Parameters




Power supply


Working Current


Working Temperature


Measure Range

XY Dual axis±60°



Accuracy (precision)


Signal Output




Guide wheel spacing


Standard Cable length

2m,can be customized

Wiring definition



Blue:458 Signal;(A)

White:485 Signal(B)

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