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Water-proof Linear Wire Potentiometer
Product Name:MPSFS2-M absolute Waterproof type pull wire sensor
Product Summary:
1.  Features of MPSFS2 waterproof absolute wire-pull displacement sensor:
1. The waterproof (magnetic induction) rope displacement sensor is a multi-turn absolute angle sensor whose core electronic components are composed of multiple magnetic induction chips and gear sets. It is independently developed and produced by Miran Company. And on the gear set, the electronic chip is encapsulated in the aluminum car parts with high-strength potting glue to ensure that the electronic chip is insulated from water under water, and the magnetic induction absolute value encoder can work normally for a long time when the magnet and the electronic chip are completely isolated.
2. The entire product parts are made of materials that will never rust in water, such as: stainless steel spring and pull rope, aluminum alloy casing and reel, plastic spring casing, ceramic bearings.
3. The instantaneous acceleration of the reciprocating motion of the S frame and M frame series products shall not exceed 1 m/s; the instantaneous acceleration of the reciprocating motion of the L frame and XL frame series products shall not exceed 0.5 m/s; otherwise, the wire rope will be broken. .
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2、Technical parameters of MPSFS2 waterproof absolute value pull-wire displacement sensor



Project Specifications



Effective length



 Can be customized


                 Power supply



Fluctuation below 5%

Power supply voltage VCC consumption current


no mutation


Signal output




Absolute position output type


Linear accuracy







16 Bit


Wire diameter specification

0.8mm or 1.5mm(SUS304)


Working temperature


At low temperature, no crystallization must be maintained


10Hz to 2000Hz







3、MPSFS2 waterproof absolute value pull-wire displacement sensor wiring definition:







     Red wire         




Black wire




Green Wire



RS485   A+

White wire



RS485   B-

Shield Ground





4. MPSFS2 waterproof absolute value cable type displacement sensor installation dimensions


MPSFS2-S (range 100-1300mm) :


MPSFS2-M(range 1000-4000mm) :


5. MPSFS2 waterproof absolute value cable type displacement sensor selection guide

6.  MPSFS2 waterproof absolute value cable type displacement sensor installation precautions:
1. Use the 4 fixing screw holes at the bottom to directly install or add protection or other mechanical use according to the needs of the site and the installation space of the machine.
2. When installing the stainless steel cable, pay attention to the horizontal angle, that is, try to make the steel cable slide horizontally from the outlet to the moving part during operation.
3. Keep a small angle (allowable deviation +/- 3°) to ensure the measurement accuracy and the life of the wire rope.
The body of the wire rope is made of stainless steel and coated with fluorine. Do not allow it to be cut, burnt, impacted, etc. by external force. Or the wire outlet will cause the wire rope to be damaged, resulting in the failure of smooth operation.
4. If it is not installed on the workbench or in front of a fixed seat, please do not pull out the steel cable with your hands or other products and let it bounce back instantly. This will cause the steel cable to break and damage the body structure and personal safety.
5. If it is used in a non-linear motion mechanism, please install a proper pulley for operation.
6. If it is used in harsh environment or special occasions, please install the protection mechanism by yourself.
Eight, MPSFS2 waterproof absolute value cable type displacement sensor application range:
Crack measurement monitoring, bridge measurement monitoring, storage location positioning, reservoir dam protection, gate opening control, pressure machinery, paper machinery, textile machinery, sheet metal machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, level controller, construction machinery, industrial robots , Injection machine, woodworking machinery, elevator, air compressor/hydraulic machine, height machine, X-Y axis and other length displacement, liquid level and other related dimension measurement and position control.
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