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  • Precision guide rail, high hardness and wear resistance, high precision measurement, no friction measurement, unlimited mechanical life, high resolution, strong and durable.
  • Differential transformer displacement sensor (LVDT) can be widely used in aerospace, machinery, construction, textile, railway, coal, metallurgy, plastics, chemical industry and scientific research institutions and other national economy in all walks...
  • The LVDTC20 differential transformer displacement sensor has excellent performance. It is powered by a convenient single power supply of 12--24V DC. The electronic circuit is sealed in a 304 stainless steel metal tube. It can work in harsh environmen...
  • Differential Transformer Displacement Transducer (LVDT) has the characteristics of high precision, good dynamic characteristics, reliable operation and convenient use. Ideal for high precision, repeatable measurements in quality control and metrology...
  • ML inductance frequency modulation sensor has excellent performance, the electronic circuit is sealed in 304 stainless steel pipe, with waterproof, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof performance.
  • The P2500 Angular Displacement Sensor is a small angular sensor with an all-metal housing, spherical bearings, conductive plastic substrate and a elastomically damped sliding brush for easy direction change. Due to its high reliability, long service ...
  • P4500 Angle displacement sensor all metal casing, spherical bearings and conductive plastic freely commutation, P4500 Angle displacement sensor because of its high reliability, long life, excellent linearity, high resolution, high speed movement and ...
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