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Miran electronic scale commitment to quality guarantee
Release Time: 2016-9-19 13:49:39

Miran technology electronic scale cooperation quality commitment

First of all thank you for your strong support and trust of our products! About the product quality we make the following commitment:

First, Our commitment to your company to provide fault displacement sensor at the rate of 5 per thousand (except for man-made damage), and each ruler provide free maintenance for life (except for man-made damage).

Second, Belong to the quality problem (in the failure rate) phenomenon:

1. njection mold: the position is not accurate, digital beats range, maximum error of more than 1mm

2. Brush deformation or fail to reach the maximum value

3. The electronic ruler burned, open circuit board.

Third, The phenomenon of man-made damage:

1. Damaged, damaged the plastic end cover machine

2. Due to the bending or rod caused by installation not travel in.

3. he collision of the external force, aluminum extrusion and deformation in order to meet your company better, more than second kinds of circumstances, our company promises free maintenance and technical services to your company, if necessary, the first time replacement; third cases belonging to the man-made damage phenomenon, is not your fault, but the rate of 5 per thousand. Our commitment to provide maintenance or replacement service at cost.

Hope that in this new era, we work together to create brilliant industry, leading the industry progress.

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