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Analysis and solution of common jumping problem of electronic sensor
Release Time: 2016-9-19 13:49:41

Based on the principle of the electronic scale potentiometer (resistance ruler or displacement sensor) products, analysis is actually a sliding rheostat from the principle, is used as a divider used to display the actual position of the measuring position relative to the voltage. Therefore, this device (electronic ruler) put forward several requirements:

1.Power supply voltage to be stable, industrial power supply requirements of stability of + 0.1%, such as the reference voltage 10V, allowing the fluctuation of 0.01V, otherwise, it will cause greater fluctuations in the display. If the fluctuation amplitude of the display does not exceed the fluctuation amplitude of the fluctuation voltage, the electronic ruler belongs to normal.

2.The power supply should have enough capacity, if the power supply capacity is too small, prone to the following situations: injection mold movement will lead to display the electronic ruler or melt beating, can lead to wave clamping the electronic scale. In particular, when the solenoid valve drive power supply in the electronic ruler when the power supply is prone to the above situation, when the meter can be used to measure the voltage fluctuations. If we can not solve the problem of electrostatic interference, high frequency interference and neutral, we can also suspect that the power supply is small.

3. No external interference, including electrostatic interference and high frequency interference. Therefore, the signal line power lines and equipment should be separated trough the electronic scale. The electronic ruler should use the mandatory grounding bracket, and the electronic scale shell (measurable end cap between the screw and the bracket resistance should be less than 1 ohm resistance) good grounding, signal line should use the shielded wire, and one end of the box should be the shield ground or negative electrode of the DC power supply. Electrostatic interference, the general multimeter voltage measurement is very normal, but it is to show the number of beating; high frequency interference when the same phenomenon. Validation is not static, with a power line will cover screw and machine electronic ruler of a point on the metal short circuited can, as long as a short circuit, the immediate elimination of electrostatic interference.

For example, your company, I have a problem with the electronic ruler, after the demolition, and then installed on the machine, if connected, the number does not beat, it may be due to electrostatic interference.

There is a reason for the interference may be due to the injection molding machine in computer measurement when the output end 2 set by the current is too large, the output standard design of the 2 ends of the current can not be higher than 10uA, if higher than 10uA, will affect the service life and digital.

However, it is difficult to eliminate the high-frequency interference with the above method, and the robot hand, the frequency of high frequency interference occurs, you can use the machine to stop or change the frequency of electrical equipment verification. If the high frequency interference, consider the need to add electronic ruler to send module to solve the output standard 4-20MA or 0-10V, 0-5V signal to the injection molding machine computer. Or change the wiring, eliminate high-frequency interference source.

4. Can not connect the wrong electronic ruler of the three lines, 1#, 3# line is the power cord, 2# is the output line, in addition to 1#, 3# line power cord can be replaced, the 2# line is only the output line. Once the line is wrong, there will be a large linear error, poor control accuracy, easy to display the phenomenon of beating. If the control is very difficult, it should be suspected that the wrong line. If the power supply is connected to the 2#, the electronic ruler pull rod is in the inside or the outside, then the ruler will be damaged instantly.

Hope that through the above method can make some site problems solved.

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