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Miran resistance / electronic scale product introduction scale
Release Time: 2016-9-19 13:49:42

Potentiometer displacement sensor based on the principle of great R & D and production, in the advanced technology, material selection, structure design and so on are far ahead in the same industry of other manufacturers. Therefore, great sensor products have been widely used in automobile, plastic machinery, transmission equipment, measurement system, medical and other fields, has been widely recognized by the market in product reliability, stability, accuracy, resistance to harsh environment performance.

Milang according to different measuring principle, are developed, pull rope / potentiometer potentiometer principle / encoder principle, and magnetostriction measurement principle, the principle of differential transformer displacement sensor (LVDT) based on the different series, in order to adapt to the needs of different applications. Among them, based on the principle of the principle of simple potentiometer sensor, signal processing circuit without complex internal structure, is also very simple, therefore, the reliability of the product is very high. The resistance of materials for advanced spray technology, multi contact noble metal brush, brush sliding support and resistance of the substrate material and the selection of special solid shell to enhance the durability of the products, the type of the service life of the sensor can reach the reciprocating motion of a million times, in the case of normal use, without considering the basic problems of the sensor the service life. The laser etching technique is unique, so Miran has a linear potentiometer type sensor with high precision and smooth micro linear characteristics, very suitable for the precise measurement of position and velocity closed-loop control system.

With the great sensor is more and more applied in the field, especially in construction machinery, vehicle mobile equipment, heavy machinery and equipment and other facilities, put forward higher requirements on the sensor signal interface, seismic performance, special temperature and humidity environment. Therefore, based on the great magnetostrictive measurement principle to develop a non-contact linear displacement sensor. The special structure of the sensor is designed to be used in the high pressure hydraulic or pneumatic environment. It has strong seismic performance and is suitable for high temperature and high humidity environment. The sensor on magnetostriction measurement technology has specialized in product information, please refer to page miran magnetostrictive displacement sensor.

Linear displacement sensor potentiometer Miran principle of measurement from moving way is divided into rod type and block type, these two kinds of sensors with electrical characteristics are almost the same, only for different applications of the working range of the sensor installation, etc. different requirements and design. Also for different installation considerations, the sensor in addition to the standard KTC /LWH series, as well as the KTC 2/KTM series sensor. The KPC/KPM series sensor is considered in the harsh environment, material and structure of the sensor shell is designed, so that the series of sensor standard has better seismic performance, high temperature and humidity resistance, resist dust etc.. According to the application of the measured object is not convenient and the sensor is directly connected, milang also developed a linear displacement sensor KTR series built-in reset spring, a measuring rod and the measured object through the contact of the roller, the measured position of a moving object, can be transferred to the sensor through the rollers, without the need to be fixed on the measuring sensor the moving object.

Therefore, a series of linear displacement sensor provides a great space for customers to select large customers, according to the actual application of the installation size, the precision of the sensor, connection mode, stroke, output signal, application environment and other special requirements, select the appropriate sensor. Miran can provide perfect pre-sale and customer service service for customers, to ensure that customers make the most suitable product selection, and long-term customer service service, to help customers improve the overall product quality and market competitiveness.

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