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Standard for selection of linear displacement sensor (electronic scale)
Release Time: 2016-9-19 13:49:43

How to judge and select the linear displacement sensor (electronic ruler)?

To make a choice, we have to know what is the difference between a good and a bad one German novotec (Novotechnik) and Italy Gefran (Gefran) electronic scale quality is very good, but the price is expensive, the delivery time is longer, end users are often faced with these problems in use, how to choose the electronic ruler some more cost-effective? How to determine whether the electronic scale price beyond Germany's novotec (Novotechnik) and Italy Gefran (Gefran)?

At this time, you may think that a good electronic ruler is difficult to judge, is difficult to identify, the need for customers for a long time experiments. Then we can identify the difference of the electronic ruler, there are a few simple criteria can be identified:

1. Carbon film resistor is a computer continuous repair? The injection molding machine now, are used in servo power control system, for plastic injection and melt position are used in the closed-loop control, if the carbon film electronic scale without trimming, the linear accuracy is poor, it is difficult to guarantee the effect of injection molding machine and machine power saving effect. As long as the carbon film drawn out, careful observation, through the computer to repair the carbon film plate next to a thin continuous cutting line. Without computer repair continuous carbon plate is carved with a knife to draw a few discontinuous lines, or there is no repair line.

2. Is the carbon film surface of the brush contact smooth? No matter what is the use of brush material, platinum or palladium or gold is good, we do not know, we do not expect after recovery. The key is to see whether the contact surface of the brush and carbon film is smooth, whether it will cause damage to the carbon film. You can feel the fingers, the electronic ruler good contact surface, the brush is very clean, will not cause harm to the carbon plate, can reach tens of millions of times of life, while still maintaining good accuracy of linear carbon plate. While in contact with the surface of carbon steel plate surface like brush brush, the carbon film damage is very large, each run a carbon film on the carbon plate surface scrape point, so numerical electronic scale is constantly changing, so we often encounter such electronic scale, often in the process of injection molding stable, often need to adjust the parameters to correct. This brush called 10 thousand times, in fact, the operation of tens of thousands of times, linear precision electronic ruler recognition, after hundreds of thousands of millions of times, the performance of the injection molding machine has been greatly discounted, this is actually a bad product.

3.Is the structure of the brush filament? The brush must be articulated, even if we use your hands with wire brush, the brush is still intact, no deformation or damage; poor hand brush brush, immediately will be deformed, claws, did not brush effect. Imagine that the brush needs to work more than a million times, such a piece of brush can guarantee the effect? Electronic ruler is actually a product of conscience.

4.rush and carbon film with the guarantee of long life? This problem, it is difficult to bother you bosses, do not think that two days a day can be good or bad. No If you really want to know, a few hours will be able to see the outcome. Because the main body of the electronic ruler is carbon film resistors, carbon film on the brush in motion, will cause damage to the carbon film resistor becomes larger, novotec (Novotechnik) and Gefran (Gefran) is no exception, just scratch the extent of problems. For example: the resistance between 1 and 3 terminal measurement value of the electronic scale, recorded, and then in the special testing machine or injection machine running for thousands of times, thousands of times as long as the electronic scale difference can shape, then measure the resistance between the 1 and the 3 terminals of the electronic ruler value, this value must be better than the original the value of the. The worse the ruler, the greater the change in the value of the resistance, of course, with the same length of the ruler, with the same reciprocating stroke can be measured to reach an objective conclusion. In this case, one day can compare the merits of the two electronic ruler. If you are interested, you can also be a good electronic ruler, and Gefran (Gefran) were compared to obtain a more reassuring conclusion.

5. Take a look at the electronic ruler of the protection level, high protection level, is a good sealing performance. The electronic ruler Miran MIRAN brand of the sealing performance under the foot work, ensure the electronic scale in bad situations can also work properly. The wear resistance of PTFE material dust, and advanced imported seals, the displacement sensor (electronic scale) IP grade product reached IP65.

6.Even good products, if the price is too high, the price will be greatly reduced. If there is a product, such as novotec (Novotechnik) and Gefran (Gefran), and the price is only 50%, whether it is a choice for you?

7. Injection machine needle electronic ruler is the use of the environment is very bad, a lot of electronic scale soon after the failure, try our special ruler thimble, plastic injection and lock film electronic ruler, is based on more than ten years experience in manufacturing milang developed products.

In today's fierce competition in the field of equipment manufacturing, MIRAN willing to research in the field of professional achievement for your company to provide Gagava, critical moment, displacement measurement and control comprehensive one-stop solution for you, let your machine to the customer feel at ease, at the foot of the road, we would like to work together, to work together the revitalization of China manufacturing.

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