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Application Cases of Bridge Jacking Equipment
Release Time: 2024-2-27 13:37:51





What is the bridge and tunnel cable/cable displacement sensor?

Based on the above pictures, the pull rope/pull wire displacement sensor used in the push equipment of Miran Bridge and tunnel can feedback the push displacement of the push equipment to the computer in real time, so that engineers can grasp the specific displacement data of the push equipment in real time, which greatly facilitates the installation and construction of the bridge.

The rope displacement sensor of Miran brand has high performance and cost-effective, and has become the designated brand of CCA system.

In addition, the bridge and tunnel cable/cable displacement sensor is used to monitor the position change of the bridge and tunnel structures. Its important function is to sense the deformation of the bridge or tunnel structure in time, and convert the signal into visual results through the signal processing unit in the sensor, which provides accurate monitoring data for the bridge builders and engineers to help them find and deal with structural safety problems in time. Cable/cable displacement sensor is a new type of bridge monitoring equipment, which has become an important tool in the field of bridge monitoring with its characteristics of accuracy, speed and convenience. It adopts advanced cable sensor technology, which can monitor the linear change of the bridge in real time, especially the linear change at the tunnel entrance and bridge junction, which provides strong support for the safety monitoring and maintenance of the bridge.



The working principle of the cable displacement sensor is to use the elastic deformation generated by the force of the wire rope to transfer the force to the measuring module, and then realize the measurement of the bridge length. The sensor adopts the wire structure to transmit the signal to the monitoring equipment to realize remote monitoring. Because of its simple installation and easy maintenance, it has been widely used in many large Bridges and tunnels, providing important monitoring data for the transportation department and ensuring driving safety.


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