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The reason and treatment method of oil pump without oil or oil
Release Time: 2016-9-19 11:55:08

Lubricating oil pump does not drain oil or drain the reasons for less and treatment methods are as follows:

Failure cause:

  1.Lubricating oil pump gear and pump Mo loss serious;

  2.Suction pipeline leakage;

  3.Suction height of lubricating oil pump is too high;

  4.Suction pipe blocked or valve closed;

  5.The direction of rotation of the lubricating oil pump is not correct;

  6.The liquid temperature is low and the viscosity increases;

Treatment method:

  1.Remove the check for another piece and replace it;

  2.Check whether the lubrication oil pump joint leakage or leakage and add asbestos and other sealing material to seal the village;

  3.Preheat the liquid and, if not, reduce the discharge pressure and reduce the oil discharge;

  4.Clear the plug, open the lubricating oil pump valve;

  5.Correct the steering according to the direction of the pump;

  6.Improve the lubrication oil pump suction surface or reduce pipe resistance.

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