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Function principle and application of displacement sensor
Release Time: 2016-9-19 11:55:09

Application of displacement sensor

This kind of sensor is widely used in different fields, such as automobile, medical equipment, robotics, wood processing machine, molding machine

How to choose a displacement sensor 

Important parameters include:


  1.Accuracy and linearity of requirements


  2. Expected range


  3. Repeatability / resolution


  4. Required torque (low)


  5. Environment, vibration, dust temperature and humidity


  6. Electrical travel


  7. Required speed and expected price and life


Conductive plastic potentiometer (voltage divider, electronic ruler) available in late 50s, and is widely used in automobile, injection molding machine, wood processing machine and modern different industries. Sensor prices are relatively cheap, low temperature change, low torque operation and high-speed applications are unique features of conductive plastics technology.

The sensor contains the following important components:

  1.Rail resistance


  2. brush


  3. Excitation unit


  4. Aligning bearing


  5. Shell


 Function and principle:

    The function of the motion sensor is to convert a mechanical displacement into an electrical signal which is proportional to the mechanical motion. Brush assembly connected to a mechanical actuator, and then make the plastic resistance rail produces a voltage divider. Rail resistance potentiometer (1,3) connected to the input DC voltage stability (allowing small current). When measured between the brush and the modified rail, the signal voltage is the main part of the voltage divider and is proportional to the position of the brush on the rail. Potentiometer as a voltage divider, can not always focus on resistance resistance on a track accuracy, because the temperature fluctuations which only affect the resistance, will not affect the measurement results.
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