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Tthe components and functions of resistance linear displacement sensor
Release Time: 2016-9-19 11:55:01

Resistance linear displacement sensor consists of different parts, each part has an irreplaceable role, are not missing. The displacement sensor is arranged when using the mechanical defects due to a partial, may lead to resistance type linear displacement sensor which affects the burning machine work.

Sensors are generally composed of the following components:

1. Tube: it is mainly on the internal plate play a protective effect on people. To prevent harm from the outside world.

2. Before and after the protective cover: on the inside of the sensor to play a sealing role, to prevent the entry of some impurities and dust, to maintain the cleanliness of the sensor.

3. Board: is the core part of the sensor board, coated with conductive carbon brush above when the resistance value changes by this variation to measure the mechanical displacement sensor.

4. Pull rod: the connection part between the sensor and the measured object, the brush will be moved by the traction sensor inside the pull rod to achieve the purpose of measurement. KTR, KSP, KSC is an automatic reset type displacement sensor, so the pull rod is provided with a spring.

5. Sliding core: the main function of the pull rod is fixed brush.

6. Brush: it is a kind of metal sheet, which causes the change of resistance on the board, so the voltage will change.

7.Gasket: it lies with the aluminum tube and the front cover is in order to better seal between the sensor.

8. The fixed part: "meaning is part of the sensor to the fixed up. KTC, KTF, KTM, KFM, are fixed by the mounting bracket KTR, KSC, KSP, KPF is a sensor with a flange on the fixed, KPM, PKC, is the articulated installation.

9. Universal joint, the components used for rod type displacement sensor, mainly in order to avoid the installation error on neutral to the sensor itself to the damage of KPM, KPC, general with fisheye type universal joint. These parts look small but are indispensable in the process of sensor assembly.

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