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External interference source of sensor
Release Time: 2016-9-19 11:56:14

We are in the debugging of the sensor, and sometimes encounter this situation: the sensor when the factory is clearly good, there is no signal output to the scene, or produce a disorderly signal. We found that the installation and wiring are no problem, in the end what is the situation? In this case, you may need to check if there is any interference in the vicinity of the sensor.

There are several kinds of external interference in the sensor output:

Electrostatic interference

Electrostatic induction is due to the existence of parasitic capacitance between two branch circuits or components, so that the charge on a branch is transferred to another branch through parasitic capacitance.

Electromagnetic interference

When there is mutual inductance between the two circuits, the change of current in a circuit is coupled to another circuit through the magnetic field. This situation is often encountered in the use of sensors, especially attention.

Leakage of influenza

Because the components support, internal electronic circuit wiring column, printed circuit board and a capacitor internal medium or poor insulation shell, especially the application of environmental humidity sensor increases, resulting in a decline in the insulation resistance of the insulator, the leakage current will increase, thus causing the interference. Especially when the leakage current flows into the input stage of the measurement circuit, the effect is particularly serious

RF interference

It is the start of large power equipment, the interference caused by the stop of operation and the interference of high harmonics. Other interference mainly refers to the poor working conditions of the system, but also vulnerable to mechanical interference, thermal interference and chemical interference, etc.

To sum up, there are two main sources of interference of the sensor: one is the interference caused by the circuit; the other is the introduction of the interference of the peripheral equipment and the communication line. We have to carefully analyze the source of external interference, signal transmission lines and the sensitivity of the ground to do a good job processing and sensor signal line shielding measures, if possible, away from the interference source.

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