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Miran launched MPS cable displacement sensor
Release Time: 2016-9-19 11:56:15

   Miran Technology Development Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in sensors, transmitters and control engineering in the development, production and sales. The recently launched LXW displacement transducer is mainly used in the mechanical movement quantity into measurable and linear output digital / analog signal. When the measured object is generated when the displacement sensor is connected with the pull rope, the wire rope drives the sensor drive mechanism rotates synchronously; when the displacement reverse moves, rotary device inside the sensor will automatically recover the rope, and stretched in the process to maintain its constant tension in the steel; signal to output a wire rope and a positive move the proportion.
   The mechanical design of MPS displacement transducer is reasonable, and the use of high precision sensor, so the sensor has the advantages of small volume, convenient use, good sealing, high precision, small temperature error and long service life.
    Mechanical object displacement measurement MPS displacement transducer is not only suitable for linear motion, more suitable for mechanical object displacement measurement curve movement. The sensor is provided with a regulating plate and a high precision converter module, and the voltage, current and digital signal output can be realized.
 The main characteristics of the sensor:
  Measuring range: 0-200mm, 0-600MM, 0-1000mm, 0-2000mm, 0-5m, 0-8m etc.
  Input voltage: + 12V, + 24V etc.
  Output voltage: + 5V, 0-5V, 0-10V and digital pulse output
   Linear accuracy: + 0.28%
   Operating temperature:-10°C~65°C
    Application of MPS cable displacement sensor is widely used in aerospace, space exploration, industrial automation, railway transportation, environmental protection, military industrial, pharmaceutical production and other fields can be applied.

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