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The manufacturing technology of the large displacement and high stability of the rope displacement sensor
Release Time: 2016-9-19 11:56:17

Pull rope displacement sensor is a new type of physical quantity can be converted into a measurable amount of electrical signal sensing device, which can be easily applied to industrial testing signal, such as 4-20MA.0-10V MODBUS RS485. When the international standard signal was adopted before the acquisition and conversion, some physical quantity is the ratio needs to be enlarged, environment can be collected volume requires a precise instrument to achieve this, so the pull rope displacement sensor was given this mission.

Pull rope core component of displacement sensor is mainly divided into circuit converter and mechanical conversion device, voltage stabilizing device 0-10V as the main circuit of the electronic part, when the power supply with harmonic interference components by the unstable voltage, after the filter, a voltage signal to the application of high precision potentiometer, voltage and displacement for correspondence the positive ratio of signal for divider potentiometer, for current signal output and processing based on voltage signal stability based on the sampling resistance, the signal will have been converted into current quantitative precision potentiometer signal industry standard 4-20MA. If you need to output the 4-20MA signal, the sampling resistance is 5K when the voltage is 2-10V.

For signal processing in the complicated industrial environment, good anti-jamming measures is very important, in the peak suppression, suppression of power harmonics, differential mode and common mode interference circuit with appropriate magnetic ring and filter capacitor component.

In small displacement measurement applications, such as injection molding machine clamping stroke, preset position forming machine and feedback, range 50-1250MM requires smaller displacement is enough, when detecting large displacement of the displacement changes such as biogas airbag volume, dam water level, ship steering, storage location. Container terminal, need to use a wide range of displacement detection, space and weight are also applied to measurement and limited to a certain volume of space and, on this occasion, it is important to reduce the volume and weight of the sensor design. In the reduction of weight we can use high strength Aluminum Alloy material relative light sensor for exterior structure, which not only ensures the pull rope displacement sensor is rigid, but also greatly reduces the weight at the same time, this kind of high strength aluminum is the result of resisting corrosion, suitable for field detection and monitoring

When we need to reduce the volume, we use the convenient conversion method to deal with, so that when the displacement detection range in the large range, to ensure that the installation of smaller size, in the ideal state of operation.

Mechanical sensor rope displacement sensor is a kind of elastic rope device back to achieve, namely Dangtu PTFE steel wire rope is pulled out and measurement when the reel out wire rope, then tighten the spring, with elastic potential energy, at this time if the tension will be less than the spring force to drive with the link in the winding wheel with the original way to recover the wire rope, at the time the most important problem is at present a lot of similar products is the most prone to spring, in the recovery of wire rope, wire rope will instantly have stuck, or collapse in line, this is the main reason, when in use such as, comply with the rally speed under the condition of this kind of problems, the vast majority of products because of quality spring elasticity coefficient selection standard, or product steel itself lead to the elasticity coefficient Enough, the return speed is greater than the spring recovery speed will lead to the card line.

Therefore, to reduce the volume to achieve a large number of measurement, the first is to reduce the diameter of the winding wheel, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the overall size of the rope displacement sensor.

We know that linear motion into circular motion associated with PI, wire rope together with the measured physical quantity movement for linear motion, the wire rope around the reel to reel, the reel is the role of the circular motion of the linear motion is proportional to the equivalent conversion, i.e. perimeter = 2 pi R, namely linear motion range is longer, Changyue weeks long, the equivalent of a reel radius is bigger, this volume will increase proportional to, so the method of reducing the winding wheel radius is to increase the number of turns of winding cycle can be realized.To increase the number of laps, can be considered from two aspects: 1; increase the number of gear teeth,2. the use of multi ring incremental or absolute encoder

Such as:  to achieve a large range of measurement of 80 meters, the selection of the gear ratio of 8:1 gear, such as the use of analog output potentiometer calculation method for the loop: 80 m /10 = 8 M. 8000MM/8 = 1000MM 1000/3.1415926 = 318.3098MM. That is, 80 meters of rope displacement sensor as long as the length and width of the 350MM*360MM can be relatively reduced volume.

For the wire rope displacement sensor, the data will be abrupt, and the abnormal action of the equipment will be caused. Light will affect the normal measurement and control and production, but also cause serious security risks, detection system disorder and data loss.

To solve these problems, the internal displacement sensor is on the pull rope winding mechanism good. Efficient lubrication wire wheels, automatic cable reel in uniform plane, such as the number of cable pulley arrangement or cable guide wheel walking smooth pillar, walking is not smooth, caused by the cable can not be timely arranged in order, the superposition of wire rope will cause the line overlap and the sudden increase from the reel diameter. The sensor detection problem caused by the ratio of the electrical signal acquisition. Therefore, the cable apparatus of high quality wire wheels walking on the wire wheels on the column is an absolute guarantee to prevent collapse accidents in line.

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