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Status of sensor industry
Release Time: 2016-9-19 11:56:49


   In order to technology development trend of the information age and ability of a surge in the amount of information acquisition and information processing requirements, increasing consistency for the sensor performance index (including accuracy, reliability, sensitivity, etc.) of the increasingly stringent requirements; at the same time, the operation of friendly sensor system was also put on the schedule, so the output mode the sensor must be equipped with standard requirements; and the large volume of the traditional weak function of sensor is often difficult to meet the above requirements, so they have gradually been high performance micro sensors of different types are replaced; the latter is mainly composed of silicon material, has the advantages of small size, light weight, fast response, high sensitivity and low cost etc..   

 1.Sensor miniaturization induced by computer aided design (CAD) technology and micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) technology  
   At present, almost all the sensor structure by the traditional design to production based on computer aided design (CAD) analog engineering design changes, so that designers can model the system with high performance and low cost design in a relatively short period of time, great changes in this design means to a large extent to promote the sensor system at a faster pace toward miniaturization can meet the demand of the development of science and technology development.  

  For microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) research work began in 1960s, the research areas involved in material science, mechanical control, processing and packaging technology, electronic technology, sensors and actuators and other disciplines, is an emerging research field promising. The core technology of MEMS is to study the combination of microelectronics and micro machining and packaging technology, which is expected to create a compact but powerful new system. After decades of development, research and development in the last more than and 10 years, MEMS technology has shown great vitality, this technology will be effective with miniaturization, intelligence and information system of multiple function and reliability level to a new height. In the current level of technology, micro machining technology has to be produced with 3D micro structure of different levels, which can produce a volume of micro sensor is very small, like gas sensor, ion sensor, photoelectric detector which is mainly composed of silicon sensitive element material [1] sensor / detector are equipped with excellent. [2]. At present, this kind of components have been widely used in different research fields as the main sensitive components of micro sensors.

2. Application status of micro sensor  

  On the current technological development situation, micro sensor has a large number of different applications, has produced profound influence signals such as aviation, remote sensing, medical and industrial automation detection system; micro sensor currently developed and entered the practical stage can be used in chemical quantity and biomass measurements of various physical quantities, such as displacement, speed / acceleration, pressure, stress, strain, acoustic, optical, electrical, magnetic, thermal, pH, ion concentration and molecular biological concentration.

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