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Some problems needing attention in the use of proximity switches in construction machinery
Release Time: 2016-9-19 11:56:50

With the development of engineering machinery in our country, the operation comfort, convenience and flexibility of construction machinery are becoming more and more important.

Proximity switch is a new type of integrated proximity switch, which is an ideal electronic switch sensor. It has small volume, fast frequency response, wide voltage range, strong anti-interference ability, corrosion resistance, vibration resistance and other characteristics, there is no friction, in the process of using the sensor will not increase the torque etc.. The problems that should be paid attention to in the use of proximity switches in construction machinery are summarized as follows.

Action distance of proximity switch.

1.The action distance of the proximity switch is related to the material of the detected body, and the proximity distance indicated on the sample of the proximity switch is set according to the standard. Other metals, the sensing distance has a corresponding attenuation.

2. The proximity switch shall be provided with a certain space for the installation of the proximity switch on the metal, so as to avoid the interference of the other metal interference of the detected object. With the induction is parallel to the surface of metal outside the detection distance of three times the distance sensing surface; near axis direction switch around the metal flush proximity switch and non flush proximity switches have different requirements. Flush switch can be installed directly to the metal, and with the induction head flush mounted flush. The proximity switch is installed induction head must be leak out.

3.Quasi flush installation requirements between flush and non flush installation

At the same time in order to prevent the installation of two arbitrary interference between two or more than two proximity switches, the switch should be opposed detection distance makes two sensing surface in the direction of the axis distance is greater than six times; the installation distance between the outer cylindrical surface should be greater than three times (Fei Qiping) or double (Qi Ping) proximity switch the diameter of the length, if the switch of different sizes should be large diameter calculation of proximity switch.

Should pay attention to the use of the process

1.The detector should not touch the proximity switch to avoid damage to the proximity switch due to friction and collision;

2.Hand pull close switch lead can damage the proximity switch, when installed in the lead from the switch 10 cm with wire fixation;

3.Do not use the foot switch, the installation of the best protective cover;

4.Switch use distance should be set within the rated distance of 80%, so as not to be affected by temperature and voltage, temperature and voltage will affect the sensitivity of the proximity switch.

Problems should be paid attention to in wiring and wiring.

1.Power line, power line should be kept away from the proximity switch wire, can not be avoided should be in the external electric metal tubes and the ground, to prevent damage or malfunction of the switch;

2.No power connection, and wiring wiring diagram should be output connection;

3.It is best not to use the two proximity switches to control the output of the same relay coil, otherwise it will not be able to identify the source of the action, and sometimes even wrong.

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