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What are the main characteristic parameters of piezoelectric materials
Release Time: 2016-9-19 11:56:43

The main characteristic parameters of piezoelectric materials:

1.Piezoelectric constant: piezoelectric constant is a parameter to measure the piezoelectric effect.

2.Elastic constants: the elastic constants and stiffness of piezoelectric materials determine the natural frequency and dynamic characteristics of piezoelectric devices.

3.Dielectric constant: for a certain shape and size of the piezoelectric element, its inherent capacitance is related to the dielectric constant.

4. The mechanical coupling coefficient on the piezoelectric effect, its value is equal to the output energy (such as electricity) and input energy (such as mechanical energy) square root of the ratio; it is an important parameter to measure the piezoelectric material of electromechanical energy conversion efficiency.

5.Insulation resistance of resistive piezoelectric materials: to reduce the leakage of charge, thereby improving the low frequency characteristics of piezoelectric sensors.

6.Curie point: the temperature at which the piezoelectric material begins to lose its piezoelectric properties is called the Curie point.

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