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Difference and Connection BetweenTransducer and Transmitter
Release Time: 2016-9-19 11:56:59

Sensors and transmitters are the concept of thermal instrumentation. A sensor is a general term for a device or device that can be measured and converted into an output signal in accordance with a certain law. When the output of the sensor is a standard signal, it is called a transducer.

The concept of the transmitter is to convert the non-standard electrical signal into a standard electrical signal.

The concept of the transmitter is to convert the non-standard electrical signal into a standard electrical signal, the sensor is the physical signal into the electrical signal of the device, in the past often talk about physical signals, and now other signals have. A meter refers to the field measurement instrument or the base control table, the two meter refers to the use of a table signal to complete other functions: such as control, display and other functions of the instrument. The sensor is to convert the non electric physical quantity such as temperature, pressure, liquid level, material, gas characteristics and so on into electrical signals or the physical quantity, such as pressure, liquid level, and so on. The transmitter is to amplify the weak electrical signal collected by the sensor to transmit or start the control element. Or the non electric quantity of the input of the sensor is converted into an electrical signal to be amplified at the same time so as to be used for remote measurement and control of the signal source. The analog quantity can be converted into digital quantity according to the requirement.  

Sensors and transmitters together constitute an automatic monitoring signal source. Different physical quantities require different sensors and transmitters. There is a physical quantity transmitter will not transform into electrical signals, such as a boiler water meter "," he is the transmitter of corrugated condensed water in the lower part of the liquid level sensor of water and steam is sent to the transmitter through the upper instrument pipe on both sides of a remote instrument with bellows on both sides of the differential pressure driven machinery the water level indicator for amplifying device. Of course, the electrical analog to digital conversion can also be called transmitter.

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