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Scientists newly invented electronic sensors to detect whether the wound infection
Release Time: 2016-9-19 11:57:00

Scientists have developed an experiment to show whether a wound or injury is bacterial infection and whether MRSA exists. The experiment was jointly developed by the University of Edinburgh and the NHSLothian, which can be used to detect samples from a wound or a broken surface, using a tape analysis of the MRSA. 

Prior to testing, in order to increase the number of bacteria present, the researchers are currently processing the samples in the laboratory, but hope to avoid this step by improving the sensitivity of the strip in the future. This may be an experimental method that scientists can use outside the laboratory, such as in a doctor's office or at home. The ability to detect bacteria is much faster than the traditional one, and will be able to give the patient an immediate use   

At present, the use of traditional techniques in laboratory testing to confirm whether MRSA exists in the wound takes a whole day. The study was developed in a sample of patients with diabetic foot ulcers who were enrolled in the NHSLothian s diabetic foot clinic in the Royal Edinburgh hospital.   

Detection of MRSA in these patients is important to prevent the spread of infection, because the spread of infection can lead to amputation and increased mortality. Dr. Till Bachman, from the University of Edinburgh School of medicine, will present the results of his experiments at the Edinburgh Conference on progress in biosensors in 29th,March.

"Antibiotic resistance is becoming an urgent problem in modern health, and we are facing a serious risk of entering the post antibiotic era," he said. Current detection of MRSA tends to be expensive and not fast. By developing a rapid and cost-effective experiment, we can immediately know what kind of infection is currently, which will improve the chances of success in treatment" 

Scientists in Edinburgh are using similar techniques to detect the spread of bacterial infection, and to detect chemicals that can be produced in response to a bacterial infection. Understanding why bacteria release certain molecules as part of this process will help scientists identify the start of infection and treat it quickly.

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