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Report Based on Experiences at 8th-11th 2017 Pragati Maidan Fair
Release Time: 2017-7-26 14:56:12

Report Based on Experiences at 8th-11th 2017 Pragati Maidan Fair 


8th-11th 2017 Pragati Maidan Fair was successfully held in New Delhi, in India. Over 500 exhibitors from 11 countries have exhibited.


Our company, Shenzhen Miran Technology Co., Ltd, was very honored to attend this exhibition. This year was a successive time that we have been represented at the Shenzhen Miran Tech CH69, Hall 11, Pragati Maidan Fair. We have always felt that it is useful in a general way to attend, to display a representative sample of our products and to have a look at what other manufacturers, both at home and abroad, are producing.




Sincere thanks to the very many who graced and visited our booth Shenzhen Miran Tech CH69, Hall 11 during the fair. We would like to thank the company who believe in our products-Linear Position Sensor, Magnetic Displacement Sensor, Magnetic Temperature Liquid Level Sensor, Draw Wire Potentiometer, Angle Displacement Sensor, and Lubricating Pumps. We believe it’s well worth. As the biggest manufacture in China, we shall not cease from progress.


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