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Operating bed angle control, sensors meet the requirements of high-precision automation of medical equipment
Release Time: 2020-12-1 15:13:06

    Operating bed angle control, sensors meet the requirements of high-precision automation of medical equipment

As a high-precision detection device, the sensor is commonly used in the medical field for angle control of electric operating tables, silicon pressure sensors, electronic blood pressure monitors, X-ray CT sensors, etc., which meet the stringent requirements of medical applications. Many modern medical devices are The work is achieved by various medical sensors, which can monitor and control various parameters, and convert various data into electrical signals to control the operation of the equipment.
Many people may not know the electric operating bed very well. As a common medical device in hospitals, it is powered by electro-hydraulic. The main control structure is composed of control switches, speed regulating valves, and solenoid valves. Medical personnel provide them through electro-hydraulic gear pumps. The power of various operating bed angle control and posture changes to meet the needs of proper posture adjustment of the patient during the operation, such as height lifting, front and back tilting, waist and back lifting, moving and fixing functions, to achieve the operation process The purpose of smooth progress.
The table top of the operating table is mainly composed of the head plate, back plate, sitting surface, and left and right leg plates. It can not only be raised and lowered, but also can be controlled by the angle of the operating table such as left and right, forward and backward tilt. The correct operating position can obtain a good surgical field It prevents accidental damage to the patient's nerves and limbs, significantly shortens the operation time, further improves the safety and reliability of the operation, enables the patient to maintain the best surgical posture, and facilitates the operation of the medical staff. In addition, the adjustment of the tilt state directly affects the comfort of the patient during the operation.
The initial angle control of the operating table is to adjust the inclination angle manually. Due to the difference between the patient and the medical equipment, the manual adjustment error is large and unstable, which requires high experience and response ability of the medical staff. In order to achieve the purpose of real-time monitoring, it is necessary to know the inclination state of the operating bed in real time. With the popularization of sensor technology in the medical field, through innovative practice and improvement, the inclination sensor can automatically monitor the inclination state of each part of the operating table, making the adjustment more precise, stable and efficient.
According to the individual characteristics of Chinese people, my country’s medical device industry standards stipulate that the inclination angle of the whole surface of the operating table should not be less than 25°, the left and right inclination angles should not be less than 20°, the bevel angle of the head plate should be no less than 30°, the bottom bevel angle should be no less than 45°, The folding angle of the surface is not less than 80°, the upper folding angle of the back plate and the seat surface is not more than 90°, the lower folding angle is not more than 160°, and the lower folding angle of the waist board is not less than 90°.
The use of sensors to control the angle of the operating table is suitable for the requirements of large changes in the tilt angle of the operating table and high accuracy. Under the restrictions of industry standards, the inclination sensor will be adjusted to these precise values ​​in the operating table. Just press the button, and the inclination sensor will automatically locate the best position according to the instructions, making the patient more comfortable and the operation smoother.
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