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What is the difference between the current output and voltage output of a displacement sensor?
Release Time: 2020-12-10 16:10:36

           What is the difference between the current output and voltage output of a displacement sensor?

There are many forms of displacement sensor output, but most of them are current output and voltage output. Some customers don’t know whether to choose circuit output or voltage output when choosing a sensor. Let’s talk about the difference between these two outputs. Take the sensor as an example.


     Displacement sensor is one of the most widely used sensors. Pressure sensors with current output and voltage output are very common. The two types of output mainly have the following differences. First, most of the early transmitters are voltage output types, which are The measurement signal is converted to 0-5V voltage output, which is the direct output of the operational amplifier, the signal power is <0.05W, and the digital signal is converted by the analog/digital conversion circuit for the single-chip microcomputer to read and control. Secondly, in situations where the signal needs to be transmitted over long distances or where there is a large interference from the power grid in the use environment, the use of voltage output sensors is greatly restricted, exposing shortcomings such as poor anti-interference ability, line loss destroying accuracy, etc. The two-wire current output transmitter has been widely used because of its extremely high anti-interference ability. Then, the voltage output transmitter has very poor anti-interference ability, and the destruction of the line loss cannot say how high the accuracy is. Sometimes the output DC voltage is also superimposed with AC components, which makes the single-chip microcomputer misjudge and control errors. The device will be damaged when the output is 0-5V, and the remote transmission is absolutely not possible.
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